MSNBC wants Biden to set up shadow government

Just passing this along… What do you say about his state or mind?

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We don’t do “shadowgovernments” in this country. But there is a way your guy Biden can have his own legit Covid clown show everyday if he wants to and it’s called winning the election. He might want to figuring out where he is…. those sorts of things for a starter. I will conclude with a couple of his finer moments….

The Washington Times reports:

Biden should consider ‘shadow government’ to combat Trump, MSNBC’s Ruhle says

MSNBC‘S Stephanie Ruhle said Wednesday that Joseph R. Biden may want to consider forming a “shadow government” if he wants to defeat President Trump’s reelection bid.

The “MSNBC Live” anchor told former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina that Mr. Biden needs to think “bigger” when it comes to “counter-programming” the Trump administration’s ability to speak directly to the American people via coronavirus press briefings.

Mr. Messina suggested getting former…

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One thought on “MSNBC wants Biden to set up shadow government”

  1. I only heard about this earlier. I hope it’s someone’s idea of a joke!! I have nothing against Biden, but the man is senile and being controlled by people who have their own personal agendas.

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