3 thoughts on “Watch “Hitler phones Biden” on YouTube”

    1. While I still have trust in the President, the denial of many left-leaning judges and politicians to even “see” unprecedented mathematical, statistical or computer anomalies start me to consider Biden may get in… IMO, there is no guarantee the case will get to SCOTUS and if it does, will it be timely?

      If Biden does get in – even if via a fraud that has never been equaled – he will resign within a week… and Kamala will select whacky Nancy Pelosi as her VP.

      Our best chance for our President to remain in office is for a criminal approach to come forth, i.e., Lt. Gen. McInerney stated there indeed was a raid in Germany to seize Scytl servers on CIA property. I am referring to treason. Think Benedict Arnold only this time, these traitors are not just trying to give away West Point.

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