‘We Are Seeing a Battle Between Good and Evil’

Many folks who legally voted for Biden likely did so out of tremendous dislike of President Trump or truly want Socialism/Communism.

From Epoch Times

But Asian-Americans who voted for Biden should have thought about their family’s experiences and why they fled their native countries OR what their families had been subjected to.

Like those who fled at great cost or peril from China, Cambodia or Vietnam and their Communist regimes.

While I am too young to have been imprisoned by Democrat FDR during WWII, my Dad’s generation was. Even the extreme liberal George Takei of Star Trek fame was imprisoned in one of those prison camps. In fact, in a documentary, Takei accused his father of “being a sheep” after allowing the family to get herded into camp.


By the way: I supervised or conducted many fraud audits in my professional career. You don’t have to believe me, of course, but election fraud was egregious especially in the key battleground states.

For one, just like DNA, statistics and plain ole numbers tell an undeniable story.

2 Charged With Voter Fraud, Allegedly Submitted 8,000 Fraudulent Registration Applications

Isn’t it odd they went after these two lowly scumbags… but other high-ranking elected officials aren’t promptly investigated and arrested?


Rep. Scalise: No moderate Dems left, just liberals vs. socialists | One America News Network

Personally, this concerns me greatly.

What did our grandfathers, fathers and family fight and die for in WWII?

They went to war to fight socialism, to put it mildly. Hitler was the worst. HE MURDERED MILLIONS OF JEWS and resistance fighters.

Ninety percent of media outlets are owned by liberal mindsets as well as our schools. Think of it. They are spreading propaganda.