6 thoughts on “Illegal Ballot Counting in GA – ON VIDEO”

    1. I agree… however it turns out… I conducted and supervised many fraud audits over two decades. All the statistical and mathematical evidence is sound. All anyone needs to do is forensically analyze a large sample of “only one vote for Biden” ballots that were supposedly mailed in. For one, I am relatively confident the paper chemistry and blotted out circles will be very telling. If not, so be it. We want election security.

  1. They don’t care. The only interest is to get rid of Donald Trump whether legally or not. We can not allow this kind of thing to be gotten away with since there will be no way to trust our electoral system ever again. I’ve come to the conclusion that we should probably just hold another election ASAP, with paper ballots and ink on your thumb and a photo ID necessary to even be handed a ballot, if you need an absentee ballot it should necessary to request one and have proof of signature before and after voting absentee – even have a video taken on a smartphone to prove who is actually voting. It wouldn’t bother me to see all these people who did whatever they could to corrupt our electoral system kicked out of the country – permanently. Let them see just how much they really like living in communist countries.

    1. Our country is in a dire position. In a nutshell, why have citizenship or passports if millions have just walked into our country and get handouts and free medical? And all these folks hating on America… Why don’t they leave? Is it time for another 1776?

      1. Sadly, I think it is time for another 1776. We can thank the lousy public indoctrination system (public schools) for a good part of the problem. History has not been taught for a good 35 years, maybe more. When my step-children were in school there was nothing about history, they were calling it social studies but there was no valuable content. One of the kids brought home a paper they were supposed to do about famous people complete with a list from which they were to write about two. The only people on that list were singers, sports figures, liberal political activists and other entertainers. There were no mentions in any of their text books about the founding of this country, the struggles to be independent of Britain, no word about any of the wars, our leaders, nothing.
        We are hated because we are such a success, we have created a standard of living the rest of the world can only dream of and because they are not willing to do the things necessary or fly in the face of their beliefs can only despise and denigrate. We have been too compassionate toward those who just “show up” within our borders. It’s one thing to help those in need, it’s another to help those who refuse to help themselves. My ancestors came here legally, my some of late husband’s came on the Mayflower, fought in the Revolutionary war and most of the others after that. We either get our heads out of our backsides or we lose this country and become just another third world country with no hope.

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