Ballot “Irregularities” and Ruby Freeman

If you seek true news reports, you have seen this surveillance footage of Ruby Freeman and her daughter run the same batch of “ballots” through a Dominion tabulator… unsupervised.

By the way, the ballots came out of suitcases that were secreted away under a table setup by Ruby Freeman’s daughter.

You be the judge.

Regardless, Ruby will become enriched through donations from Hollywood or the like after leaning of her “efforts” to support Biden.

Whatever happened to Hunter Biden and his laptop??

4 thoughts on “Ballot “Irregularities” and Ruby Freeman”

    1. It was shown in GA two days ago… but the Democrat Legislature turned a blind eye. Of course, FakeNews hasn’t touched it and is suppressing it on social media. You can count on Ruby Freeman going untouched by law enforcement and in fact, her nutty purse business will take off as a reward.

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