Avoid Censorship – Watch This Truthful Video

For those who choose to believe mainstream media (including censored social media), you are encouraged to at least watch this informative video.

You owe your family and friends who endured WWII and the Cold War. And perhaps you won’t accept it but we are at war with communism – specifically Communist China, the CCP.

By the way, Facebook has censored it. You can, however, watch it on Parler or Rumble.


One thought on “Avoid Censorship – Watch This Truthful Video”

  1. You certainly tell it like it is, Koji.
    All during the Cold War, when every one was afraid of the communism being spouted by Russia, Dad always told me not to worry. He said Russia was smart enough to know what a nuclear war with the U.S. would entail. If there was going to be another big war – it would be China.

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