4 thoughts on “Washington DC Now”

  1. I cannot remember a single time in my entire life when DC wasn’t a crap hole, so this does not surprise me. Sadly, it is no worse than any other major US city — which probably says more about us, as a people, than anything else. Apparently, people prefer living in filth …

  2. Just like the other crap holes, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, etc. Where the Democrats “lead” filth, decay, ugliness, destruction follow. I have never been to Washington, D.C. and while there are things there I would have liked to see, I will not put my money out to them for anything. The fact that there are now fences and barricades all over just scream that this “administration” is only there because they’ve fenced themselves off from WE the People whom they fear to the depths of their beings.

  3. Koji,
    How have you been feeling? With all you are trying to take care of, I hope things are improving for you!!
    Please have someone jot a note off to me.

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