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Biden Crime Family and FakeNews Love Affair

Get Informed

Don’t you want to truly at least hear facts… then make your own conclusion?

The liberals own major liberal news and social media outlets. The Communist Chinese Party (CCP) also has bribed MANY politicians – Democrat or Republican – federal, state or local.  Even big shots in the FBI, DOJ and CIA.  No, I am not a conspiracy guy.

These are just facts that are reported on real news outlets.

New details released on DOJ subpoena into Hunter Biden business dealings

FakeNews has buried from their listeners (of which I have not been a listener for several years) not only the crooked dealings of the Biden Crime Family  but also of Hunter’s laptop.  It was recently released that the FBI also had mirrored copies of Hunter’s hard drive last year but sat on it due to corruption and pressure from the Deep State.  Yes, Joe Biden is implicated making him a liar once again.

Avoid Censorship – Watch This Truthful Video

For those who choose to believe mainstream media (including censored social media), you are encouraged to at least watch this informative video.

You owe your family and friends who endured WWII and the Cold War. And perhaps you won’t accept it but we are at war with communism – specifically Communist China, the CCP.

By the way, Facebook has censored it. You can, however, watch it on Parler or Rumble.