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Georgia Cover-Up Verified

A shocking release of body cam video involving Ruby Freeman and the treasonous Georgia SOS, the corrupt FBI and DOJ, and the Fulton County DA/


  1. Newly uncovered police body cam footage of Ruby Freeman reveal her stunning admissions that directly contradict allegations made under oath by January 6th Committee witnesses, by certain reporters and show hosts, by members of Congress, and by lawyers in sworn statements to Federal Court. Freeman volunteers to blow the whistle on election fraud.
  2. In the body cam, Ruby Freeman alleges a coverup by the Georgia Secretary of State, the DOJ/FBI, the GBI, and the Fulton County DA.
  3. 911 call transcript, body cam videos, and police report were obtained by Open Record Requests. From that information investigators have learned that the police report was supplemented in contradiction of the facts.
  4. Ruby Freeman’s lawyer since January 2021 is Michael Gottlieb who also was lawyer and fixer for Hunter Biden and Aaron Rich, brother to Seth Rich.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos to Step Down as CEO

Wake up, America.

The military takeover of Myanmar (Burma) which was the human trafficking capital of the world…

The resignation of CIA Director Hassel even though Biden has “won”. (I believe she has been arrested for treason, by the way).

Even the Pope is apparently resigning.

And now, far left leaning Bezos – who started Amazon in an apartment – is “stepping down” along with his #2 man? No way. He was forced out in my opinion. Hopefully, his assets have been frozen too.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos to Step Down as CEO https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/amazon-founder-jeff-bezos-to-step-down-as-ceo_3682396.html Download our app to read more at https://ept.ms/DownloadApp