Dis and Dat

Just blogs about “dis and dat”.  A hodge-podge of meaningless ramblings and photography. 🙂

Hire the Unemployed

Threatened With a Strike

Union Strike Averted

Laughter – Honest Laughter

Joys of Simple Toys

Genes – A Decoder Ring to the Past

Nuckin’ Futs

Just Some Snapshots

Union Strike Averted

Presidential Campaign and Child’s Play

The Joy of Neighbors

Fiscal Cliff?

Old News for New Year

Johnny Carson’s Best Practical Joke

A Penny

About Rights

Wedding Day

A Democracy?

Quote Simplicity

Ironies and Observations

The Photographer and My Daughter’s Wedding

Fraud and Hoaxes

Economic Indicators – Simplified

I Am Upset.  No.  Pissed.

“Let’s Play War”

Surviving Women’s Imaginary Things

Lies!  All Lies, I Say!

A Chatter Master Morning

News Reporting?  Pffft!

A Saturday in SoCal

PHONY Express

Widdle Wabbits

A Smoldering Butt

Spill It – For the Good of Our Country

A Dilemma

Around the Corner

For the Almighty CNN

NASA’s Curiosity’s Stunning Discovery

Orgasmic Butter

Online Dating – Hmmm

An Unexpected Honor Guard

Impregnable Secret Place

Star Trek is Alive and Well

I Take Exception, Mr. President


Afghanis Cannot Scale a Fence

Just Some Snapshots – From Around my Home

The Way It Should Be – Light Hearted Fun

Thank You, CNN.  Thank You


CNN: Is There Something Missing Here?

Ten Beautiful Days – A glimpse into Japan in Autumn

Unbelievable Stoopidity

The Book That Doomed Britain’s Pets

Big Time Sucky




Our America Divided

Just Some Snapshots 3

Hamburgers and a ’63 Merc


JFK: Who Really Killed Him?

How I Feel as an American


This Is America

Just a Funny


She’s Killing Me

National Betrayal is Treason

Muddled Mind

The Tsunami and the US Marine Corps

Fresh Tuna and Pyrex Pie Plates

Just Some Snapshots #8

Brendan Tevlin…

Ferguson – What I Told my Sons

Cops and Me

Some Disappointment

Celebration of Service Friday

When America Was America

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