Traveling and the Single Mother

Hilarious! Just being a dad, I can relate….but Semper Fi, Marine. Adapt. Improvise. Overcome. 🤣

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How many parents out there have traveled alone with an infant? How many parents out there have traveled alone internationally with an infant, or a toddler? I have, and if you’re a military wife I bet you raised your hand twice, and good for you for surviving that challenge! Seriously, that has to be the biggest, toughest, emotionally draining, alcohol inducing, thing I have ever done, and that’s coming from a former Marine and Police Officer! Coworkers, friends, and social media followers ask me travel related questions almost weekly. My followers on social media look at Liv and I and think we travel domestically and internationally with ease, but we don’t. It’s not easy, but if I can do it, YOU can do it. Oh, and without tears. Here are some tips and tricks I have personally come up with when it came to road trips and flights, with my…

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Opening Thoughts

Check out an acquaintances new blog about being a mom… She’s will always be a Marine but is now a much needed police officer.

The Intuitive Mommy Blog

First and foremost, before I dive into this thing I have to say thank you. Thank you for supporting this blog and me. This blog is becoming so incredibly therapeutic to my out of control, but exciting life. 

I have a bad habit of making my life appear flawless on social media, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. So, I promise to be open and honest from this day on. I promise to be real with the struggles and the happiness that motherhood brings. Mothers almost weekly message me on social media asking this one simple question, “How do you do it all?!” and my reply has always been, “I don’t.” Shame on me for downplaying myself and my abilities as a mother, and shame on me for not giving an honest answer to a mother who may be seeking a little advice, or might be struggling herself…

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The End of WWII 75 Years Ago Today

The official signing of the treaty ending WWII took place 75 years ago today on the USS Missouri. The father of a good friend of mine took part in the ceremony by piloting his B-29 for the flyover of Tokyo Bay.

As a bit of buried history, the actual surrender could have taken place a day or two earlier than Aug. 15th. The Nisei translators used the term “surrender” in the unconditional drafts sent to Tokyo but the Japanese would not accept the drafts. The Nisei determined the hangup was that term. They changed the word surrender to essentially imply the Emperor will cease hostilities. They accepted.

May all the souls who lost their lives in that horrible war be at peace.

A Shameful Coup by Democrats

I believe this to be true.

The greatest attack on a sitting President of the United States, comprised of manufactured attempt after attempt by the Deep State.

The Deep State politicians, mind you, are still getting paid with full benefits while us citizens in the private sector are hit hard.

This video was removed by many social media platforms – all but Parler controlled by Liberals.

You can hopefully watch it here… and watch it looking at FACTS.

The Better General

A most timely story given the violent and misguided events of today. History may repeat itself.

Fix Bayonets!

Union-Confederate FlagsDuring a recent holiday excursion across several states, my wife and I visited the National Battlefield Park at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  One who is interested in such things cannot help being overwhelmed by the events of this key battle during the American Civil War —155 years ago in July.  It may be an understatement to suggest that this battle was a disaster on many levels, all of which tend to demonstrate that General Robert E. Lee was not a great field commander of the Southern cause.  This is not an undue criticism —particularly in view of the human carnage suffered by the Army of Northern Virginia and the ultimate failure of General Lee to achieve his objectives, which were, at best, if not vague, unattainable.

Much has already been written about the Battle of Gettysburg by those far more qualified than I, so it is not my intent to describe it…

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KKK, Dems and “Klanbake”

Historical facts.

Read the article.

Democrats are the true champions of racism. I cannot comprehend why Japanese-Americans vote Democrat when Democrat FDR committed the ultimate act of racism against them in 1942. FDR even stripped them of their citizenship and declared them enemy aliens.

And don’t even say my Dad, uncle, aunt and cousins weren’t slaves.

This documented history of racism exercised by the Democrats is not a statue so it cannot be physically torn down.

The internet is forever.

This is why Obama told Biden he didn’t have to run

Voters need to put aside emotional responses and address the facts.

The fabric woven by our ancestors of this country is being shredded by insane (yet powered by pure greed) rhetoric spewed by liberal social media outlets. So called Democratic “leaders” – also fearing loss of their luxurious lifestyles – say nothing to quell this unprecedented lawless behavior but fan the flames.

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

“We are talking about a peaceful cold war.” says Biden. When did a senile candidate become  a “flawed” candidate?  Even some in the media are having difficulty playing the Biden game of everything swell in Biden land. The look on Obama’s face is priceless.

Biden is going to  debate Trump?  No doubt Biden will get the questions ahead of time but even so does anyone think he can pull it off?

What ARE you talking about Joe?

Other than all is well in the swamp.

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Meet the members of the Minneapolis City Council

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Let’s meet the members of the Minneapolis city council who think that doing away with the police force would be just swell. Here is the story of three, more later.

TheMinneapolis City Councilis the legislative branch of theCity of Minneapolis. It consists of 13 members, elected from separate wards to four-year terms. The Council is dominated by members of the DFL (theMinnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party), with a total of 12 members. TheGreen Party of Minnesotahas one member,Cam Gordon.

Let’s first start with our two transgendered.

Phillipe Cunningham(born July 7, 1987)…

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Audie Murphy

On this day, Major Audie Murphy, MOH, died in a private plane crash in Catawba, VA.

He was 20 years old on May 26, 1945 when he fought beyond the call of duty in France. After ordering his troops to retreat, he alone remained to direct artillery fire against a large advancing Nazi force which included tanks.

Mounting a burning US tank destroyer, he single-handedly repelled enemy troops with its .50 caliber machine gun for about an hour even while wounded in the leg. Some dead Nazis were found 10 yards from his position. The US Army determined he killed or wounded 50 of the enemy before withdrawing having depleted his ammunition.

Murphy is the most highly decorated soldier in US military history.

True stories about World War II – One war. Two Countries. One Family