6 thoughts on “Watch “Epstein’s ex Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of sex trafficking” on YouTube”

  1. I received your video and have saved it to use on the blog. Thank you so much, Koji. I, of course, do not speak Japanese, but the expressions on some of their faces says it all. War is awful for most of us.
    So sorry to hear you are struggling. Isn’t there anything they can do to help? You are such a nice person, these things should never happen to people such as yourself.
    Please take care!!

    1. Thank you! The training footage is propaganda but it is verified as after MacArthur began the invasion of Leyte. You can bet they all perished – many before hitting the ground.

      1. The situation was not good for them. They perished due to no fault of their own. You look at the faces and – they were all too young to die.

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