Just Some Snapshots 8

Putz’d around again around my tiny makeshift (and nearly killed) flower pots…

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Since today was Flag Day and the 200th anniversary of our national anthem, a flag as a backdrop.

Druett’s Variegated
Blue Ageratum (special effect)
A zinnia with a natural (hot rod) flame job.
Peek-a-boo, I see you.  Zinnia


Nice story for this Flag Day! Thanks, gpcox.


Pacific Paratrooper

Flag Day 2010

For this years Flag Day, I chose to help celebrate the Star Spangled Banner’s 200 years!  As national treasures go, it was a bargain: $405.90 was paid to Mary Pickersgill of Baltimore, who fashioned it from red, blue and undyed wool, plus cotton for the 15 stars to fly at the fortress guarding the city’s harbor.

A collage of 2 women, 1914, at the Smithsonian working to restore the Star-Spangled Banner in a room with a model of a giant squid; by Terry Winters. A collage of 2 women, 1914, at the Smithsonian working to restore the Star-Spangled Banner in a room with a model of a giant squid; by Terry Winters.

An enormous flag, 30 by 42 feet, it was intended as a bold statement to the British warships that were certain to come.  And, when in September 1814, the young United States turned back the invaders in a spectacular battle witnessed by Francis Scott Key, he put his joy into a verse published first as “Defense of Fort M’Henry,” and then, set to the tune of…

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The Forgiveness of a WWII Sailor

Father’s Day is just around the corner. While we will be seeing my father who is now 95, I thought I’d selfishly reblog my own earlier story of Old Man Jack in honor of this Father’s Day…

Masako and Spam Musubi

In an earlier blog, I praised Old Man Jack for his forgiveness.  It is not possible to write about what he did or saw out on the god-forsaken islands in the Pacific during World War II.  Only he truly knew what was in his soul.

But in spite of his exposure to combat in that very personal and bitter war, Jack’s practice of forgiveness was his most important contribution to the healing of this world.  The world we enjoy today.  I truly believe that.

Old man Jack loved my kids – perhaps his warmth and the forgiveness in his heart will shine through.

Jack was in the hospital often in the last five years of his life. We went as often as we could to say hi.

When Jack was laid up in the hospital and couldn’t make the block party, my kids wrote him a special 4th of July…

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Put Into Perspective

D-Day’s 70th “Anniversary” has passed.

But I don’t know if “anniversary” is the correct term.  Is it commemoration?  Hard to say since so many young lives were ripped away from the world so violently.  Many were never found.

Blogger Mustang had forwarded some “then and now” images last week but here is another one.  If you get past the first two images (a then and now), please click on the subsequent images singularly to see the “now” photo.  Look at all the young faces…and realize that many must have been killed in the next months…or days.


It is humbling to see the devastation of 70 years ago but in today’s life…but only “they” know.