Put Into Perspective

D-Day’s 70th “Anniversary” has passed.

But I don’t know if “anniversary” is the correct term.  Is it commemoration?  Hard to say since so many young lives were ripped away from the world so violently.  Many were never found.

Blogger Mustang had forwarded some “then and now” images last week but here is another one.  If you get past the first two images (a then and now), please click on the subsequent images singularly to see the “now” photo.  Look at all the young faces…and realize that many must have been killed in the next months…or days.


It is humbling to see the devastation of 70 years ago but in today’s life…but only “they” know.



6 thoughts on “Put Into Perspective”

  1. Hey Koji – great succinct post – and well said
    “It is humbling to see the devastation of 70 years ago but in today’s life…but only “they” know.”

  2. I was in Slovenia on VE day. They make a big deal of it since the war was fought on their soil. In the US, VE day might get mentioned in the lower corner of a newspaper front page and perhaps a sound bite on the news. The end of the war in the pacific gets more attention, probably because of Pearl Harbor, and our continuing presence in the Pacific, the extent of which is not understood by most Americans.

    1. Ron, it must have been an experience to have been in Slovenia on that day and I agree with your feelings about that war theater. This year, America gave D-Day more attention than normal because of the 70th but yes about V-E Day. In fact, the extreme brutality of WWII is not taught much anymore here, especially with Common Core. On the Pacific, I also feel that the end is more acknowledged generally not just because it was the END of WWII… but also because of its sheer brutality and the atomic bombings. In true MacArthur showmanship, even the signing on board the USS Missouri would have made Hollywood look like a school play.

      Thanks for your good comments and safe travels, you lucky guy. 🙂

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