18 thoughts on “I Want My America Back”

  1. I agree with the comments of individual in the video. It is ridiculous, no, it is shameful, what Nancy Pelosi did. My father earned his flag with his life. Pelosi’s act shows disrespect for our servicemen.

    1. We are in total agreement, sir… and it is more than disrespect shown by Pelosi. I also believe her hatred of Americans and her greed to keep their political livelihoods affluent is in clear view.

  2. You know I agree, Koji. Your Marine vet was wise to send this to you.
    How is it that people like Pelosi can bring charges against the President, but nothing can be done to stop people such as herself?
    As a Gold Star parent, I find the actions of the democrats, politically correct sheep, Antifa, BLM, to name a few to be in total disrespect lately of all we stand for.

  3. This Veteran is saying what many agree with, myself, my spouse, our friends (many Veterans). My spouse has direct ancestors back to the Revolutionary war and I would bet they would be livid at this insanity we’ve seen the last month or so. I’m livid. We better stand up and make sure this stupidity, insurrection and Marxist/socialist/communistic garbage is stopped and disposed of. We must educate our children that these things they’re being indoctrinated with in school are lies and bent on the destruction of the best country on earth.

    1. I can but thank your family for their sacrifices and devotion to the making of our history. A tremendous family heritage..

      While we try to raise our kids instilling proper values, they spend a majority of their time immersed in liberal governed school systems. Many of their friends are also of illegal immigrant heritage unfortunately exacerbating the situation. I believe this was planned for by the Democratic Deep State.

      1. I must agree. I’ve come to the conclusion that we must take our country back. The Silent Majority will have to rise and make it clear to these creeps that we will not yield America because of their bad behavior.

  4. I want your America back also. Would you please email me the video that was sent to you and I will see that it is posted on YouTube and then I will provide the link.
    Edbonderenka at gmail.com

    1. Hello, Ed. Unfortunately, that is how it was sent to me by my VN Marine vet and buddy. There was no link. I had to download it then post on WordPress. I will try to forward to you shortly, sir.

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