Watch “US Marines raise American flag on top of Mount Suribachi in Iwo Jima, Japan durin…HD Stock Footage”

This is the only movie ever taken atop Mt. Suribachi 77 years ago today.

In color even.

The Marine who filmed this – Sgt William Homer Genaust – never got to see it.

He is still there on the northern end of the island after being KIA in a cave five days later. His body was never recovered.

In Two Days…

In two days – 77 years ago – the two flag raisings occurred atop “Hot Rocks”, or Mt. Suribachi.

Through the fog of war, several Marines were misidentified.

Again, through the fog of war, the LAST of the Marines who participated in BOTH flag raisings was Pfc. Harold Schulz.

God bless those young boys and men of 77 years ago.