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I have found that "family" around you is a product of twists of fate, world events and personal decisions made long ago. Anguish, happiness, despair and harmony. The effect of war on families and the resulting peace from the untold sacrifices made by the Greatest Generation. While I am not a writer, I hope to be able to bring to light the spontaneity of life. As I wish to be historically accurate, some quotes will be as I heard them...but there was no malice coming from those that spoke those words. They were reliving the past horrors of war - a war that you nor I fought in. They did.

A Personal Statement from General Flynn to America: Faith, Family, and Friendships – UncoverDC

God bless this man and family.

While President Obama welcomed an Army deserter to the WH and praised him, Obama and his goons intentionally went after this patriot and family man with lies just to hurt President Trump and initiate a four year coup.

Trump Team: Pennsylvania Senate Shouldn’t Certify ‘Compromised’ Election

As I wrote earlier, I supervised or conducted hundreds of fraud investigations over two decades. One trend is clear: a fraudster starts small then takes more and more after realizing he/she isn’t noticed. That’s when they get caught.

One other characteristic of fraudsters is they believe they deserved the end result (self-enrichment) before, during or after getting caught. They feel it was owed them from getting wronged by the entity they targeted.

That is the case with these Democrats here. The evidence is overwhelming that numerous ballots from illegal voters were submitted, collected and COUNTED by the deceitful ballot counting system, either physically or manipulated electronically. The illegal paper-based votes were from counterfeit pre-printed ballots or manually filled out by certain people who were PAID to do so, etc. The CCP, Soros and the Pelosi Crime Family have nothing to lose and everything to gain – power and continued riches.

Lastly, it is EASY to commit fraud. Even felons incarcerated in PRISON stole a billion dollars from the California state and local governments before getting caught. That bust was this week. One felon was the infamous Scott Peterson.

Don’t tell me these politicians are honest and full of integrity. And remember the analysis of the Scytl servers seized by US agents has yet to be released by the DOJ and military.

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‘We Are Seeing a Battle Between Good and Evil’

Many folks who legally voted for Biden likely did so out of tremendous dislike of President Trump or truly want Socialism/Communism.

From Epoch Times

But Asian-Americans who voted for Biden should have thought about their family’s experiences and why they fled their native countries OR what their families had been subjected to.

Like those who fled at great cost or peril from China, Cambodia or Vietnam and their Communist regimes.

While I am too young to have been imprisoned by Democrat FDR during WWII, my Dad’s generation was. Even the extreme liberal George Takei of Star Trek fame was imprisoned in one of those prison camps. In fact, in a documentary, Takei accused his father of “being a sheep” after allowing the family to get herded into camp.

By the way: I supervised or conducted many fraud audits in my professional career. You don’t have to believe me, of course, but election fraud was egregious especially in the key battleground states.

For one, just like DNA, statistics and plain ole numbers tell an undeniable story.