Marooned in No Man’s Land – a nursing home

My thoughts exactly. Cruel decisions by Democratic “leadership”. They choose to release incarcerated inmates for fear they will “get sick and die” then some go on to commit even more crimes shortly after release. Yet, they sentence nursing home residents to cruel punishment at the end of their lives. Jail time in reverse on good people!

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

This post first appeared in American Thinker Marooned in No Man’s Land: A nursing home on May 13, 2020 and I thank them.

I now know what living was like for Robinson Crusoe….no, not shipwrecked nor floundered on some shoals. But a victim of cruel circumstances.

After decades of toil I retired. An over 55 retirement community became my destination.  Lovely grounds right out of a story book. Activities that would put a cruise ship to shame. Extensive dining room options. Farm to table. What could be better?

That is where the good part of the saga ends.

See, this over 55 retirement community comes complete with what is called  “continuing care”  “home care” “assisted living” – and what is known as a “nursing home.”

Thus all the mandates government imposed on “nursing homes” fell upon the entire community as well as the management wanting to keep us “safe” they…

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