56 thoughts on “I Love This Video”

  1. The recording ended and all I could say was – Oh MY God!! – I needed to get up and walk around before I could type – I wish I had seen this yesterday, I wouldn’t have put in my own post!!!!

      1. Monday morning I reblog the whole kit-and-kaboodle! I’m not taking the video without you getting credit for finding it!!

  2. Really good, thank you. People who desecrate memorials and graves are cowards who can only find enough of their own courage to attack people who cannot retaliate.

      1. Yes Koji, you are right. I’ve seen this video before. And hope to see it many more times. There are some things that I wish we could banish from the internet….. And some things that need to be promoted fervently.

  3. Very touching – brought tears to my eyes, especially when I think of those how gave their all and never returned home –

  4. Incredibly moving. And, we need to do more to encourage and enrich the values of our children. They need to know these things and to learn viral doesn’t always mean worthy – viral is worded that way for a reason – spreads quickly and usually, makes one sick……

  5. That was a very moving video…but not all young people need reminding.

    When my mother could still march past the Cenotaph in Whitehall – at 91 – she was heading for the train home afterwards when a group of young people, seeing her poppy and medals, made a point of coming over to her and thanking her for what she had done which had made their lives secure. They then escorted her to the station and saw her safely on the train.

    The few who desecrate war memorials don’t represent the majority of our youngsters…luckily.

    1. Thank you for your visit! Yes, not all young people need reminding but many, many do. For some, its the first time they’ve heard of WWII. And you mention Whitehall and a poppy. Are you from England or thereabouts?

      1. I worked in London for some time…then moved to live in France and am now in Costa Rica. My mother still lives in England – she was in the army (ATS) during the second world war.

  6. Very moving. Thank you for sharing. I am posting this link on Facebook where others can see it as well and give it a bit more circulation.

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