33 thoughts on “Just Some Snapshots 12.99”

  1. such classy shots Koj – and the 5th one down – in that deep pink is my fav – but then ending with the cannons is classic Koj – and like that soothing tone/edit – kinda wraps up the post

  2. Just some snapshots? I am one of those that you will never see my hands shake – BUT – I can’t seem to hold a camera still long enough to snap a picture!! I think these are fantastic, and I have to agree with Colleen, the last one is my favorite. There’s something about b/w that just adds character to the subject. Great job, Koji!

    1. Thank you, gpcox! Very nice of you. Yes, my hands don’t shake visibly as I sit, as soon as I try to hold my camera steady, it’s as if a mini-earthquake hit. In my youth and when I shot with film, I was able to hold my camera with a 200mm steady. Now, even with a wide angle lens, I can’t…😩

  3. Wow just doesn’t cut it. These are beautiful, Koji! Never say “just”! I love them all but there is something so striking about cannons in the field. Makes me think of my ancestors in the Civil War. πŸ™‚

    1. …and you should know with your family history, Linda. It was a horrible war. It was the first big one fought with Union canon barrels having rifling. Tremendous destruction.

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