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Figure This One Out

I’ll let you decide.

Is Biden the CIC?


Soldiers from the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) Presidential Salute Battery conduct a blank fire crew drill next to Section 37 at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, August 7, 2018. The platoon fires cannon salutes in honor of the President of the United States, visiting foreign dignitaries, and official guests of the U.S., but its primary mission is to render honors at military ceremonies, including funerals at ANC. The platoon is equipped with ten M5, 75mm antitank cannons mounted on the M6 howitzer carriage. (U.S. Army photo by Elizabeth Fraser / Arlington National Cemetery / released)

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos to Step Down as CEO

Wake up, America.

The military takeover of Myanmar (Burma) which was the human trafficking capital of the world…

The resignation of CIA Director Hassel even though Biden has “won”. (I believe she has been arrested for treason, by the way).

Even the Pope is apparently resigning.

And now, far left leaning Bezos – who started Amazon in an apartment – is “stepping down” along with his #2 man? No way. He was forced out in my opinion. Hopefully, his assets have been frozen too.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos to Step Down as CEO Download our app to read more at

Will D.C. be Abandoned?

President Trump gave a “farewell” speech today as did beautiful Melania yesterday.

He also never says the word concede.

…and listen to his simple words – “next Administration”. He also never recognizes Joe Biden as the next President.

I firmly believe President Trump is a great President alongside Washington, Lincoln and Reagan. He is no fool. He knows who his boss is: us citizens.

Look at closeups of the fencing around both the Capitol and the White House. My Dad’s family were put into prison camps by Democrat FDR during WWII in which barbed wire was strung on the inward side. They were designed to keep people IN – not keep people OUT.

…and the uncounted number of National Guardsmen (some who were deputized in order to make arrests) patroling. Sure, people may riot but not for the reasons broadcast by Fake News. It will be Antifa or BLM.

Biden – along with Hollywood pedophiles and Fake News – may even make a CGI of himself being inaugurated or even conduct a “virtual” inauguration. But let him walk onto the White House grounds. Think about it: big names like Hanks are associated with Epstein’s Island.. My bet is Joe Biden will be arrested for treason and his hard-working son Biden for at least pedophilia.

He signed an EO regarding “1776” and there have been a number of worldwide “suicides”, mysterious deaths as well as passing of religious leaders “due to COVID”. Even the Director of the CIA resigned today. Why would they if Biden will be president?

There is reason, in my opinion, for President Trump’s plan: to PRESERVE the Constitution. One big thing is the Act of 1871. Please see below.

By the way, the election is null and void and George Washington was inaugurated in March.

ps I believe there will be something similar to an Emergency Broadcast on Wednesday, January 20th… and the “next Administration” will be Trump/Flynn. Stay tuned.

There Will Be No Inauguration on Jan. 20th

There will be no inauguration on January 20, 2021.

That’s my opinion.

That is to not only say Joe Biden will not be inaugurated but that President Trump may also not be “inaugurated”.

Let me explain my thought process and reasoning… as far out as they may seem, you decide.  I am just putting it out here.


  1. President Trump said he will not concede. He is a man of his words.
  2. President Trump tweeted on January 8, 2021:
    “To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)”
    Note he did NOT say he won’t be attending Joe Biden’s inauguration. Fake news said that.
  3. He is a patriot who truly represents us and supports the Constitution. He has worked tirelessly and has his salary donated.
  4. He knew of election fraud occurring during the 2018 mid-term elections; he therefore signed EO 13848.
  5. He signed EO 13959 (against Chinese investments) and it is now in effect. China is unhappy.
  6. A couple of days after the Nov. 6th elections and under the oversight of the US military, a raid was conducted in Frankfurt at a CIA facility that housed SCYTL servers.  These servers are believed to be directly connected with the Dominion systems. Four of our forces were killed.
  7. The President’s election victory was truly a landslide but massive election interference took place.  I believe he actually even won California.
  8. Rudy Giuliani’s mission for the President was to give the traitors a chance to come clean with lawsuits challenging election integrity…  to make it right. The bribed or blackmailed DOJ, courts and lawmakers all turned away. They committed treason in doing so.
  9. General Flynn was rightfully pardoned; it appears his top secret clearances were reinstated with 20 minutes. He is a loyal patriot.
  10. In light of General Flynn, Sidney Powell was brought in for the purposes of military tribunals.  THAT is what she does.  In her collecting evidence in the last months, she does have a treasure trove of evidence.
  11. By refusing to de-certify the electoral votes evidence shows to be fraudulent, Congress knowingly committed treason.
  12. During the January 6th siege of the Capitol by Antifa and BLM (and planned with city leadership and law enforcement loyal to Biden), 15 laptops were taken – one of which was Nancy Pelosi’s. This is one reason why she and the traitors are panicking… Pushing to impeach President Trump a second time “and take him out”.  They know their necks are in a noose.  Pelosi also committed a treasonous act by demanding the military hand her the nuclear codes. Unbelievable.
  13. I firmly believe he invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 on January 10th, 2021.
  14. SoS Pompeo, another loyal patriot, participated by issuing timed tweets in a countdown. They were to be at 30 minute intervals for a couple of days; the content of the tweet was of no consequence.  Then on Monday, the intervals went from 30 to 20 to 15 to 10 to a few at five minutes…. then stopped.  That was the jump off signal to embedded forces.
  15. Blackouts occurred shortly thereafter in Pakistan (huge power outage), the Vatican, Iran and Berlin. General Electric – as apparently mined from Pelosi’s stolen laptop and in reaction to EO 13959 – was planning to sell their fighter jet engine business to a Chinese conglomerate but moved it up; therefore, the blackout in Pakistan.  As for the Vatican blackout, the Vatican leased the Italian Leonardi satellite systems; these satellites, in turn, manipulated the election results. Italy’s government issued an affidavit TO CONGRESS of the falsification of the voting but Congtess chose to ignore it.  (Incidentally, the Vatican’s bank has billions of dollars from the top dog Dick’s and Jane’s in Congress and big business. I understand the funds are frozen.  It is reported Obama transferred $400 million to the Vatican’s bank shortly before leaving office; these funds are used to partly fund the insurrection.)  The Berlin blackout was related the Frankfurt Scytl raid.  In tandem with the Iran blackout, Israeli’s Air Force took out 15 Iranian-sponsored missile warehouses in a massive strike yesterday along the Syrian border. (Israel has conducted raids in the past, of course, just not of this magnitude.)
  16. Two US Navy carrier task forces are deployed off our west and east coasts; not in preparation for an invasion but to keep traitors from escaping in their luxury watercraft or aircraft.
  17. Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller is in charge of our elite Special Forces. Very important.
  18. Armed US Military are treading on public lands and roads in expected “hotspots”.  Not millions of them; thousands only and mostly for either covert/overt action or countering riots from Antifa/BLM in certain cities.  They are deployed to protect US for the most part.
  19. There have been up to 70 C-17 and C-130 heavies flying over the US recently at any one time in the past week. Highly unusual.
  20. If you didn’t get it, there was a significance to President Trump’s speech in Alamo, TX: “Remember the Alamo” was a rallying cry for the U.S. It is now “The Wall” at Alamo.
  21. Big Tech is silencing Conservatives and spewing anti-Right propaganda through mainstream media.  Facebood, Twitter, YouTube, etc. They have actually banned/censored THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. They are fueling hate within the Left with their false narratives to see Conservatives as sick people… to see them as the enemy just like they made the Japanese look in WWII. They are doing this desperate act because they too know they committed treason. They want violence to occur then blame it on the Conservatives. Big Tech, Zuckerberg, Dorsey… their necks are in the noose as well. DON’T WATCH MAINSTREAM MEDIA. It is propaganda for sheep.
  22. US Space Force has a weapon that uses particle beams to override all communication as well as send an Emergency Broadcast message.  If this is put into action, TVs, radios, etc. will be silenced then hopefully, the President or a general will make announcements.  Other than giving true facts/news during these announcements if they were to occur, the gist will be for Patriots to stay indoors (to avoid Antifa/BLM rioting). BTW, the US Space Force bypasses the Pentagon and reports directly President Trump.
  23. The Deep State is corrupt.  In bed with the CCP. They’ve been bribed. President Trump knows it needs to taken down to preserve the Constitution.  They have committed treason. He’s allowed them to hang themselves with their actions.  Mostly, as a former fraud auditor with 20 years experience, I can bet my bottom dollar that President Trump has financial audit trails as to from where/whom the bribes came/went.  Uncontestable. That will be sufficient for military tribunals. If you are totally unaware of the corruption or choose to believe Fake News, you will be shocked at the names that are tossed around households in daily conversation that will be arrested.
  24. An accurate source reports there are about 200,000 names on an arrest list world-wide. Most of them are here in the U.S. This source projects about ten senators will be left and about a hundred Representatives.  It is unclear about the DOJ, FBI, etc., but brought forth Roberts was being blackmailed (possible Epstein’s Island).

If these actions do take place culminating in arrests (This source has posted over 700 arrests already happened as of January 14th), they will be covert at first, starting at the lowest part of the totem pole then work up.  When it becomes overt, it may be in public or in front of the world.  The biggest actions may take place on January 19th or the morning of the 20th before the inauguration.

I choose to believe that Biden-supporting FBI and other law enforcement officers will step aside and not challenge the military who are sworn to uphold the Constitution and protect America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Again, take it as you wish.  Maybe I am an old crackpot… but these two sources have been accurate not only in reporting but mentioning events before they happen – like the Pompeo countdown.

At the beginning, I quoted President Trump’s own tweet.  I pray President Trump will be inaugurated on January 20th but if the military governs certain geographical areas, it may not be possible. We may need to wait until the true election results are made public. That may not be until March.  Nevertheless, I am hopeful that Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn will be sworn in as his Vice President.

In any case, heed President Trump’s last video broadcast from an underground bunker.  Keep your hopes up. Follow the law.  Understand Big Tech is like Hitler and Tojo brainwashing the sheep.  The Left is going haywire… and remember JFK was assassinated by the Mob.  President Trump and family are in danger. (He was behind bullet resistant glass for the first time, I believe, in DC before the siege on the Capitol.

I believe he will continue to fight for us and the preservation of the Constitution.  As I posted on Parler before they shut it down, we will begin a very cold and dark night on January 19th but there will be a warm dawn to greet us in March.

ps Numerous records and photos of Hunter Biden’s criminal activities taken from his infamous laptop includes pedophilia. Separately, evidence of pedophilia exists on the Vatican.

In addition, there are numerous “FEMA camps” being setup around the nation. In my opinion, they are NOT for us Patriots. It is for the treasonous traitors to be arrested for military tribunals. This is definitely unlike the racist Democrat FDR who signed an EO in 1942 to put Americans like my Dad and family into those WWII prison camps… just because they looked Japanese.

Biden Crime Family and FakeNews Love Affair

Get Informed

Don’t you want to truly at least hear facts… then make your own conclusion?

The liberals own major liberal news and social media outlets. The Communist Chinese Party (CCP) also has bribed MANY politicians – Democrat or Republican – federal, state or local.  Even big shots in the FBI, DOJ and CIA.  No, I am not a conspiracy guy.

These are just facts that are reported on real news outlets.

New details released on DOJ subpoena into Hunter Biden business dealings

FakeNews has buried from their listeners (of which I have not been a listener for several years) not only the crooked dealings of the Biden Crime Family  but also of Hunter’s laptop.  It was recently released that the FBI also had mirrored copies of Hunter’s hard drive last year but sat on it due to corruption and pressure from the Deep State.  Yes, Joe Biden is implicated making him a liar once again.

Avoid Censorship – Watch This Truthful Video

For those who choose to believe mainstream media (including censored social media), you are encouraged to at least watch this informative video.

You owe your family and friends who endured WWII and the Cold War. And perhaps you won’t accept it but we are at war with communism – specifically Communist China, the CCP.

By the way, Facebook has censored it. You can, however, watch it on Parler or Rumble.