Some Disappointment

Jack is now headed to high school come September having graduated from middle school.

The last two weeks have been exciting if not challenging with all the kids’ activities.

In addition to an 8th grade party and his 14th birthday, my youngest son Jack has graduated 8th grade and is heading off to high school come September.  Not only did he receive recognition for perfect attendance, he also made honor roll.

Jack receiving recognition for perfect attendance.

In addition, my Little Cake Boss Diva has had rehearsals – lots of them – culminating in recitals… Twelve performances in total Friday, Saturday and Father’s Day Sunday.  During the past ten days or so, I must have made at least 25 round trips taking both her and food to and from dance rehearsals and performances.  Believe me, I have enough for TWO “She’s Killing Me” stories but you won’t be bored with them now; I shall refrain.

Insofar as these rehearsals and recitals go, she needs to be dropped off in full makeup and costume an hour before the start of every event.  But as I dropped her off on Saturday and watched her get to the entrance, it was clear that she was no longer my little girl.

She is pretty much a teenager – a bit too early.

Still scatterbrained, though…Her brain has ceased to function now that school is over except she still wouldn’t let me take her picture.

Well, maybe just this one, taken with my cell phone past 10pm and after tonight’s recital.  It was taken in the light flowing out from the main lobby of the performing arts center.

Very pixelated and grainy but it’s just for the memories.


The annual recital was called “Arabian Nights”.

But my girl and boy are not the focus of this post… “Some disappointment” is my focus.

While my Little Cake Boss Diva performed five routines flawlessly Friday night (opening number, lyrical, tap, jazz, ballet), it’s about what the dance school decided to name the recital: Arabian Nights.  That is the source of the disappointment for me.  Of course, I have no say-so in the matter.

Perhaps it’s just the patriotism in me that’s clouding my vision – but it’s there plain as day.  Arabian Nights.  No, I am not racist but I do feel we are at war.  It is abundantly clear our young boys are dying each day in a godforsaken region in which Arabian Nights is based upon yet this implies something else to me.

Let us view it differently.  If a dance school in 1942 were to name their recital “Celebration of Nazi Folklore” or “A Tokyo Love Story”, would there be some boycotting or outrage?  I would think so.  Remember there were death camps and executions of prisoners of war.  Besides, it just wouldn’t make sense.  We were at war… and we are now.

Their opening number was called “Arabian Jewels”.  Other performances were entitled “40 Thieves” and “Walk Like an Egyptian” (talk about stereotyping).

How about a theme like “The Andrew Sisters” with tap dancing to songs like “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”?  Or how about celebrating the much needed morale boosting supplied by the Hollywood Canteen?  Think of all the marvelous smiles these stars like Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis, Ray Bolger and Ginger Rogers provided our service men and women with their dance at the Hollywood Canteen.  Wouldn’t that would be something that these girls could dance to?

Shirley Temple providing much needed smiles at the Hollywood Canteen.

Has the foundation upon which our country is based crumbled that far?  At least we recited the Pledge of Allegiance at Jack’s graduation.

Anyways, I was just expressing some disappointment.  I’m sure to many, this may be seen as cultural awareness.  I do loathe sharia law which is intertwined in Arabian Nights. It is totally contra to our Constitution.

I guess the answer lies within which side of the fence you are on.

27 thoughts on “Some Disappointment”

  1. They may be growing up and moving with their lives but they will without a doubt always come back to you for guidance, wisdom and encouragement and for that we will always treasure them 🙂

    ..oh and for spam and musubi and great pasta mmm!

  2. Your children are beautiful Koji. I know with your guidance there is yet another generation of loyal and patriotic Americans.

    Congratulations to Jack!!!!!
    I’m glad your princess let you take that picture. I love it.

  3. I loved the ‘talk to my hand’ shot of her (the link to Flickr) 🙂
    She is beautiful, and your son is very handsome too. As someone who has never experienced war, I know I’m unqualified to speak of many things. But I agree, it’s prudent to try and be sensitive (sensible?) to certain topics during certain times. Not sure how much sense this comment makes、ごめんなさい!

  4. Excellent article, Koji. Points are made here that should be repeated. I get a kick out of Americans who only patriotic when it’s the popular thing to do. Then flags are on the cars, houses and in store windows – otherwise – nothing or very few.
    Your “little girl” is just about grown and how lovely she is too. Congrats to yoyr son – honor roll, no less!!! You DONE GOOD, DAD.

    1. Many of us don’t get it… Others don’t seem to mind. Incredible. We are now living in a country where an illegal’s home flag has the right to be flown over our country’s.

  5. Depending on who you ask, or what literary source, the story has Persian roots, with some Indian and Chinese influence. Though, ironically, it was written during the ‘Caliphate’ time frame. The life of a dance parent.. far harder than many would every know good Sir. We wore out a car between that and gymnastics. A great read!

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