Chorus Girl – POWs 19

A new educational discovery for me! I had no idea!

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In Chungkai camp over the period late 1944 to early 1945 there were some highlights in the POWs lives, in particular the theatre provided not only distraction but some lifelong happy memories. Barry remembers:

In the summer of 1944, one of the Dutch POWs started a concert party and built a small stage. I was co-opted into the early productions as a stage carpenter and odd job man. Later on a fine new theatre for plays was built and used by several different groups of producers. As a small slim, handsome young man and a good dancer, my true potential as a chorus girl and romantic actress were eventually recognised. Most of the shows were mixed variety concerts with a line of chorus girls.

Leo Britt, a Corporal in the RASC, put on a number of straight plays in which I had minor parts. Leo was very strict with us ‘girls’. Report…

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Between The “I Do’s”

One of the deepest writings from Chatter Master in my opinion…

The Chatter Blog

I see no failure in having loved well.   In having worked in a relationship.  In having had a wonderful experience.

And then it changes.

I see no failure in  loving.

And then not loving.

I see failure in turning something that was once wonderful into something that is hateful and fraught with revenge.

I see failure in hate.  Jealous and envious actions.

If it has lived it’s life, finished it’s course, let it go with dignity.

I do admire determination and willingness to work together to make something you value – grow and become more.  I’ve witnessed others who have grown apart, stop, re-evaluate and realize they want to grow more together.  And they make it happen.  It makes my heart happy.

And oh how I admire those who can’t make a relationship work, but continue to show respect and support to one another.  People who exhibit class, character…

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Ten Beautiful Days

Embarking on a ten day vacation to a land far, far away needs a lot of one’s time to prepare… one reason for my recent absence from WordPress.  Not that anyone would notice, of course.

For now, just some colorful images of nature taken during the journey to Japan I immensely enjoyed… which would not have been possible without the unqualified help from my Hiroshima cousin Masako – after whom this blog is named – and her extended family.  Hopefully, time will permit sharing more of this glorious journey – and enlightening in ways I could never have imagined.

So for now… Japan in autumn.