Ten Beautiful Days

Embarking on a ten day vacation to a land far, far away needs a lot of one’s time to prepare… one reason for my recent absence from WordPress.  Not that anyone would notice, of course.

For now, just some colorful images of nature taken during the journey to Japan I immensely enjoyed… which would not have been possible without the unqualified help from my Hiroshima cousin Masako – after whom this blog is named – and her extended family.  Hopefully, time will permit sharing more of this glorious journey – and enlightening in ways I could never have imagined.

So for now… Japan in autumn.















23 thoughts on “Ten Beautiful Days”

  1. Some of the most wonderful photos, Koji. Yes, I did notice your absence! But, I’m glad you were just out having a great time! Welcome back.

  2. I, too, noticed your absence, Koji. I’m glad to see you’re having what looks like a magical time in your faraway land. Absolutely beautiful photos — it makes me want to get my camera out again!

    1. Indeed, it was PERFECT timing. Snow has now hit one of the beautiful gorges and my cousin tells me it is blanketed in snow. BTW, I did stop in Nara…but didn’t have any time to seek out “that place” in your mom and dad’s photos… 😦

    1. Thank you for your visit! The maples, I believe, are called “momiji” in Japanese. What makes autumn different from that of ours here in the States is that the colors are intermixed with the perennials, i.e., sea of colors spotted by green.

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