Between The “I Do’s”

One of the deepest writings from Chatter Master in my opinion…

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I see no failure in having loved well.   In having worked in a relationship.  In having had a wonderful experience.

And then it changes.

I see no failure in  loving.

And then not loving.

I see failure in turning something that was once wonderful into something that is hateful and fraught with revenge.

I see failure in hate.  Jealous and envious actions.

If it has lived it’s life, finished it’s course, let it go with dignity.

I do admire determination and willingness to work together to make something you value – grow and become more.  I’ve witnessed others who have grown apart, stop, re-evaluate and realize they want to grow more together.  And they make it happen.  It makes my heart happy.

And oh how I admire those who can’t make a relationship work, but continue to show respect and support to one another.  People who exhibit class, character…

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