Thievery in Seattle


My two littlest and I are wrapping up a four night visit to Seattle, my dad’s hometown. We head back tomorrow.

I had hoped to take a number of photos during the trip… but thievery occurred on the first day. While Jack had brought along my backup Canon DSLR to use, a thief absconded with my primary Canon camera on the first day.

Fortunately, with my last resort – my cameraphone – I snapped a photo of the thief, caught red-handed with the goods in her hands:


Yes, it was my Little Cake Boss Diva. I felt so bad turning her over to my good friend Trooper Gar of the Washington State Patrol… but he was kind enough to allow her to be released back into the custody of her old man.

But indeed, she took control of my camera over the four days. Of course, just like when I escort her to the mall, I end up merely being her porter, lugging around her camera when there is nothing for her to shoot.



But I had one personal goal: to visit my dad’s old Seattle neighborhood for the first time, children be willing.  I wanted to put together a “100 Year Family Photo Anniversary and Recreation” of sorts.

Dad and all his siblings (except Aunt Michie) were born in Seattle between 1910 and 1925 then raised in the Hotel Fujii at 620 S. King Street.  The hotel is no longer standing, having been replaced with the Hing Hay Park on the very corner Dad frequently mentioned: King and Maynard.

Circa 1925 on the corner of King and Maynard in Seattle. Dad second from left, then Uncle Suetaro standing in front of Grandmother Kono.
Taken June 25, 2015 at same corner. The brick building behind them had a butcher shop 100 years ago according to my father.

While this will be my very first try at recreating, the final images will hopefully be superimposed upon one another to show the then and now.  I can’t do the superimposing here at the hotel as my tablet doesn’t have the necessary editing software; the two stand alone images above will have to do for now . The color photograph of my two kids above are straight out of the  camera.

Coincidentally, at the end of our “Underground Seattle Tour” and in the gift shop, we came across “Lost Seattle”, the book in which my grandfather’s barbershop photo was featured.


We thought that was pretty cool.

33 thoughts on “Thievery in Seattle”

  1. You and your offspring are models of the family values and respectable citizens that most of us should be. I have to commend you on your child-rearing skills, Koji [But What? NO Cake? ] You look as though all had a great time, regardless of who held the camera!!

      1. Love to but we will only have three full days there; a lot of time will be spent on the move. Of the eight night trip for me, five will be traveling as I have to fly from here. 😖 The goal is to trek out into the jungle – sans rifle, helmet, ammo, and back pack… like your dad and my uncle 70 years ago. 😀

  2. Nice story, really sorry to hear about your camera…
    But rest assured, thievery is alive & well in Japan too.
    I had a $2000 laptop, Iphone, passport, wallet, credit cards, ect… lifted at Haneda airport a few years back.
    You have a great family!

  3. Good of you to share your camera and family history with your children, Koji. It sounds to me like the photography gene is strong in your family. 🙂 I am going to take a couple of months break from blogging starting next week. We have five grandsons descending on us and after that I am planning on a road trip. See you in September. –Curt

    1. Sir… I didn’t “share” my camera with Brooke! LOL And I shall be sending warm thoughts your way since your grandkids will be there…24/7! BTW, I’m so old, Jack and Brooke could be my grandkids!

  4. I was gonna book her in the gray-bar hotel, but you paid the freight so I cut her loose. Next time its Alcatraz! LOL give me some more lead time next trip and I’ll cut loose and head north.

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