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Will D.C. be Abandoned?

President Trump gave a “farewell” speech today as did beautiful Melania yesterday.

He also never says the word concede.

…and listen to his simple words – “next Administration”. He also never recognizes Joe Biden as the next President.

I firmly believe President Trump is a great President alongside Washington, Lincoln and Reagan. He is no fool. He knows who his boss is: us citizens.

Look at closeups of the fencing around both the Capitol and the White House. My Dad’s family were put into prison camps by Democrat FDR during WWII in which barbed wire was strung on the inward side. They were designed to keep people IN – not keep people OUT.

…and the uncounted number of National Guardsmen (some who were deputized in order to make arrests) patroling. Sure, people may riot but not for the reasons broadcast by Fake News. It will be Antifa or BLM.

Biden – along with Hollywood pedophiles and Fake News – may even make a CGI of himself being inaugurated or even conduct a “virtual” inauguration. But let him walk onto the White House grounds. Think about it: big names like Hanks are associated with Epstein’s Island.. My bet is Joe Biden will be arrested for treason and his hard-working son Biden for at least pedophilia.

He signed an EO regarding “1776” and there have been a number of worldwide “suicides”, mysterious deaths as well as passing of religious leaders “due to COVID”. Even the Director of the CIA resigned today. Why would they if Biden will be president?

There is reason, in my opinion, for President Trump’s plan: to PRESERVE the Constitution. One big thing is the Act of 1871. Please see below.

By the way, the election is null and void and George Washington was inaugurated in March.


ps I believe there will be something similar to an Emergency Broadcast on Wednesday, January 20th… and the “next Administration” will be Trump/Flynn. Stay tuned.

When America Was America

Kate Smith sang Irving Berlin’s patriotic song for the first time on radio in 1938 then shot up in popularity in “This is the Army (Mr. Jones)“.  It was released on August 14, 1943.

The setting for the movie was Hitler conquering European countries then Pearl Harbor was attacked.