25 thoughts on “Just Some Snapshots 19”

  1. I especially like the hummingbird. I think that would be great for a poster about ‘reaching for the stars’ or for kids to grow up to be who they want to be.

  2. Seriously Koji, these are amazing. I like the idea of the posters. Your hummingbird shots are some of my favorites. But then I see….the flowers, and I’m glad I don’t have to pick a favorite.

      1. Thank you so much Koji! Don’t forget to go back to LULU and do a review (if you are so inclined!)

        Were you too upset with the color? My favorites were the very simple ones without color.

  3. ok =- you can show off sometimes – it is a-ok! ha – jk – but this post is masterful

    I love the flow of the softer images alternating with the vibrant macro ones – the hummingbird? whoa – now that is just breathtaking – and each just flowed so well.

    I also like the motivational image one. At first I thought the font might be too small, but then realized it was perfect. It subtly fit in like a line in the backdrop and even the font matched the lines of the flower. The quote (is this your original one – ?) well it was a thinking one for sure. Enjoyed this and love your snapshot posts K.

      1. oh you are so nice K – and I guess this is what I love about blogging – we get to share our original ideas…
        and you really need to make more of the motivational ones.

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