Bigtime Hollywood Lowlifes and Propaganda


Chris Evans portraying comic book legend “Captain America”. The character was a supersoldier in the fictional storyline and fought the Nazis during WWII. Until the recent revival, WWII was the peak of the character’s popularity.

World War II started for America about 80 years ago.

December 7th, 1941 while Democrat FDR was president.

It was war, pure and simple.

Almost the whole nation was behind FDR (although behind the scenes, he did have influence on it starting). “FakeNews” was also in a full speed mode, under-reporting battle losses and issuing propaganda by the boatload. However, FakeNews was not undermining FDR – it was supporting FDR.

As a sample of how much America was into beating our enemies, several MAJOR movie stars enlisted into the Armed Forces; several were in combat. Point is, they demonstrated they were behind the war effort and FDR – well, for the most part. At least they didn’t bad mouth the president on the stage, radio or TV. Oh, wait a minute. They didn’t have TV.


A Few Hollywood Patriots

Jimmy Stewart, a Hollywood leading man, is inducted into the US Army. He is the tallest one standing in front of the flag.

I wrote of Jimmy Stewart earlier. He is a humble hero in my book. He piloted B-24 Liberators over Europe, enduring what seemed to have lasted years piloting his bomber through Nazi flak. As with all others in combat, he eventually suffered from what they called “combat fatigue” back then.

He put his life on the line and was a true hero in my book.

Clark Gable at far right in Europe during WWII.

Clark Gable did enlist at the ripe old age of 41 against FDR’s wishes; however, he didn’t have much interest in politics but his wife Carole Lombard did. She adored FDR. After meeting her untimely death in a plane crash while on a War Bond Tour in 1942, folks say Gable enlisted to cope with her death. Some people close to him say it was a death wish.

While pushed towards a desk job producing war films, he bucked the orders and actually flew in five combat missions. Believe me, there were no “milk runs” over Europe during WWII. He suffered frostbite on his first combat mission (above) and narrowly avoided death in another mission.

Captain Glenn Miller

Renowned band leader Glenn Miller also enlisted at the ripe age of 38. He was rejected by the US Navy but the US Army gladly took him in. He was at the peak of his career. He was to entertain the troops for morale purposes, a very much needed thing.

On December 15, 1944, he took off from the RAF base at Clapham, England headed for Paris to conduct a performance by his band. His small plane, a Norseman, never made it. It disappeared and remains undiscovered to this day. It was ironic his death was not through enemy action, proving the point made many times there were no milk runs during WWII.

His gravesite.

There were many, many others who served but it was before they were Hollywood stars: Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Martha Raye, Eddie Albert, Pierre Jaubert, etc.


In Hollywood today, many of the most “popular” stars are in “action” movies (e.g., war) or as comic characters brought to the big screen. Some even portray US Army soldiers. Purely fictional, of course, but the point remains they were trying to portray men facing the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of America.

They made megabucks… and I mean, MEGABUCKS.

Here’s a few:

Tom Hanks and Matt Damon:

“Saving Private Ryan” with Tom Hanks and Matt Damon.

Chris Evans as “Captain America” in the wildly popular Marvel Avenger series:

Chris Evans as Captain America.

Scarlett Johansson as “Black Widow” in yet another Marvel Avenger series:

Scarlett Johannson as “Black Widow”.

And of course, Brad Pitt in “Fury”:

Brad Pitt portraying a sergeant in charge of a Sherman tank crew during WWII. These Shermans were nicknamed “Ronsons” because they would explode and burn like Ronson lighter fluid after being hit by a Nazi Panzer 88mm tank round. Life was deadly for a tanker.

And let’s not mention Robert DeNiro.


But the point I am trying to make is… We are in an unprecedented war right now. We just cannot see the enemy. It is a virus released by accident (or whatever) in Wuhan, China.(1)

Just like Pearl Harbor, the attack came from overseas. (There is one distinction: FDR manipulated the Japanese into a corner and left the 7th Fleet out in Pearl Harbor defenseless. ) This Wuhan Virus invasion erupted through no fault of the President of the United States. He surely didn’t manipulate it into occurring. (2)

Sadly, unlike WWII, only a FEW Hollywood notables are contributing to the war effort. None of them are listed above. The vast majority are trying to undermine the President’s and country’s NATIONAL efforts to quell the spread of the Wuhan virus.

University students partying during Spring Break in Florida. Are these the products of our educational system? One university reported 44 cases of coronavirus in those who partied this week. Who did they come in close contact with since then? On their flights home? At bars? In their dorms? STOOPID.

They should use their “celebrity status” to ENCOURAGE their fans to follow the President’s “stay home” and “social distancing” directives – like Samuel L. Jackson did only recently (Caution: bad language):

That’s the LEAST they can do… Be like Carole Lombard in real life and support our efforts but they AREN’T or WON’T because of political beliefs. They are more scared of backlash or being “blacklisted” if they are even photographed next to our President. The Great Hollywood Generation of WWII sacrificed everything to win.

Kathy Griffin holding up you-know-what.
A Japanese soldier in Nanking holding up a you-know-what.

The Hollyweird of today will openly support abortion or supposed environmental shit or hold up even a severed head on Instagram – but cower due to social media ramifications when the country calls on them to support the President’s call to duty.

Even Tom Hanks, whose PR machine disclosed he was infected with “COVID-19” has not made any notable effort to encourage his fans to stay home. WTF? He portrayed a captain in the US Army on D-Day! He should use his PR machine to broadcast a video over and over and encourage his fans to stay home or practice social distancing. To stop hoarding, for God’s sake. Same for “Captain America”, “Black Widow” and “Private Ryan” actors.


However, like WWII, FakeNews is also here – but are reporting mis-truths to attack or take down our President. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?? Don’t they want America – US – back on our feet? CNN mocked the President when he instituted a travel ban from China, for example.

Don’t get me wrong: I do NOT know how truly overloaded our ER’s are with “COVID-19” patients due to the plethora of FakeNews. I feel like my Aunt Eiko did in Tokyo during WWII when Japanese FakeNews was telling her Japan was winning the war when B-29s started flying overhead. I have seen privately taken videos of ER’s with “normal” patient loads – broken limbs, heart attack victims, etc., which contradict the hysteria being reported by FakeNews due to the President’s supposed “improper and insufficient actions”.

As another example of false reporting, per

“CBS News aired footage of an Italian hospital while reporting on New York hospitals and the ventilator shortage on March 25.

“CBS This Morning” discussed Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s allegation that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) only gave the state 400 ventilators when they needed 30,000.

The network aired footage of a crowded hospital room with the implication, based on what was being reported, that it was taken at a hospital in New York. However, this hospital was seen in footage during a Sky News segment on Italian hospitals and the novel coronavirus crisis that aired on March 22.”

In another example to undermine the President’s efforts and create more panic or despair, CNN’s Rachel Maddow per the Daily Mail reported on air:

“MSNBC star Rachel Maddow is slammed for peddling ‘fake news’ after she claimed 10 days ago the hospital ships Mercy and Comfort would not be in LA and NY for weeks and called Trump’s promise they would arrive ‘nonsense’

  • Rachel Maddow said that the ships would not arrive for weeks on her show
  • Her pronouncement was part of a segment decrying the Trump administration’s reaction to the global pandemic
  • 10 days after Maddow spoke, New York welcomed the arrival of the US Naval Ship Comfort to New York Harbor on Monday
  • The USNS Mercy arrived in the Los Angeles area on Friday
  • The Comfort will provide 1,000 additional hospital beds, 1,200 personnel and is a major step forward in New York City’s fight against coronavirus

I am sorry but that is NOT news reporting. (3)

It is OPINION reporting, fueled by disdain for the President.


Our celebrities – revered by so many – must get on the bandwagon to curb the spread of this potentially fatal illness… I am not talking about giving money to those in despair. That’s only a smsll group. Get out in front of the public via whatever social app and tell them to stay home! FakeNews must swallow their pride and become TrueNews… for America’s sake.

Both of you, support our President like you did in WWII.

We are at war with an invisible invasion.

Help us WIN.

End Note:

(1) Key people in China involved in detecting the virus have since disappeared. People against the State do disappear, you know.

(2) It is my belief that the way China has attempted to cover up or play down the tragic results of the infection tells me it leaked out if a bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan. If so, dire ramificatons for Xi and his military. Why else would they keep reporting untrue results or results that just conflict??

(3) If you go to Google’s or Yahoo News feed, notice what they show: news from CNN (remember Maddow), CBS (remember they showed an Italian ER leading us to believe it was a NYC ER), NYT, etc. You rarely see anything from FOX or better yet, OANN – unless it suits their agenda.

21 thoughts on “Bigtime Hollywood Lowlifes and Propaganda”

    1. They sure the hell don’t. I hear what some are doing is helping certain fan groups financially instead of trying to help the whole nation comply. That is many more times more important, yes?

  1. This is fantastic, Koji! You do know how to hit the nail on the head in any situation and this definitely puts your point across.
    Thanks and please stay safe, my friend!!

      1. The same here, Koji. I was wondering how far away your children were? There’s only so much we can do to protect ourselves, but we can still get it – what will China think of next?
        By the time this is over, it just may make the history books like the Black Plague.

      2. My two oldest (both in medical field but safe) are about 30 miles NW of my two youngest who live with me being chased out by their mom.

        Interesting note on the Plague: reseach scientists wondered why certain people didn’t die. They exhumed what was left and lo and behold, it was a gene that prevented them getting the Plague.

  2. I am SO frustrated with ‘news’ now being ‘opinion’. Any news organization peddling opinions under the caption of ‘news’ should be held accountable. They want to spout opinions that is fine but it should not be in any way disguised as news. Give us the facts. (Pet peeve, when news headlines have an adjective telling readers how to feel about what is in the article.)

    1. Absolutely. I do read one major news but I am gravitating more towards One America News Network. They appear to be by far true journalists. To add insult to injury, they were banned from the daily coronavirus briefings for a short period of time. Unbelievable.

  3. Everyone is focusing on the virus, as they probably should. No one seems interested in the fact that no agency of the US or State governments is a trustworthy source of the facts. We are not getting the facts about the Covid-19 virus. The number of cases is inflated; death from the virus takes precedence over the number of recoveries. Why?

    Apparently, the government does not believe that “we the people,” once armed with the facts, can be trusted to do the right thing. There can be no greater danger to a free society than this. We should wonder, what else is the government lying to us about? What grave damage has these government restrictions done to our economy?

    As for Hollywood, these people are not heroes. They are clowns, who dress up in other people’s clothes and assume other people’s identities, most of which are entirely fictional, and they do this because it pays them mega-bucks. Most of what they produce isn’t even entertaining. If we ever wondered what happened to our once-great society, look to the massive anti-American entertainment industry who has removed all stops in normalizing deviant behavior. A pox on them all.

    1. Touche, Mustang. Touche.

      As I mentioned to you briefly, I am totally “CORNfused” about what is really what. News and the governmental agencies report “death rates” based upon the number of “coronavirus” cases. Same with “COVID-19”. However, the DENOMINATOR is very likely UNDERSTATED. Using simple math (which is now convoluted in these dumb schooling methods championed by Obama), if the denominator grows, the resulting percentage of deaths being reported should drop.

      And as you say, the great economy that our President fostered has hit the sh_ts to the glee of the Democrats. I truly believe they and the FakeNews have teamed up to hurt the President in a final effort and by doing so, are hurting US – the people they supposedly represent.

      Now, the Democrats are going to investigate once again the President’s actions – while the war on the virus has just started! My gosh, even the Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack waited until the peace treaty was signed… and was comprised by a majority of Democrats. No wonder FDR was found not responsible whatsoever for the disaster albeit having died from a stroke while with his mistress.

      Thank you for your thoughts, sir.

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