Jimmy Stewart – They Don’t Make Them Like They Used to

I’ve admired Jimmy Stewart for what he was.

A simple American.

I will always remember his poem about his dog “Beau“. A truly touching tribute to his beloved dog on Johnny Carson.

He rarely boasted of his military career and if it was brought up, he simply acknowleged it.

But the facts are he flew combat missions over Europe during WWII when any mission could end in death… through enemy action or mechanical malfunction. Face it. Mechanical reliability was often as best they could muster. No triple redundant systems like in our current Warthogs.

He also flew in B-52s over Viernam. Vietnam was also no milk run with SAMs.

I hope you will read this synopsis of his bravery in spite of his success as a Hollywood actor. Please click on the link. Thank you.

Jimmy Stewart, USAAF pilot.

20 February 1966

8 thoughts on “Jimmy Stewart – They Don’t Make Them Like They Used to”

    1. Thank you but I only referred to the nicely written srticle. Didn’t you write about him? My senior citizen brain cells have forgotten more than I can remember.

      While the public was told he passed from a heart attack, it was by his own choosing. You see, he made the decision to not replace the battery in his pacemaker. His last words he said to his kids surrounding him were, “I’m going to see Gloria soon.”

      1. Well, I’ll have to blame my “mom brain” cells, because I had to look back through my archives to double check that I hadn’t!!! 🙂 I did one on Cary Grant, and I’ve had my eye on Stewart for awhile…

        How sad. He’s always been one of my favorites from that era.

  1. I am one of General Stewart’s admirers too, Koji. Something else we have in common. An enjoyable read, and I certainly agree with GP Cox. We need more men (and women) of his caliber. Thank you for posting this article.

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