4 thoughts on “Russia-Ukraine: Ready…… Set……Go”

  1. We got out of Afghanistan and didn’t even make it one year later to get involved in another.
    We’re great at protecting the world, but our own borders…..?

      1. Americans are making billions from cheap labor. Money controls the world. I am not blaming Americans. Just stating a fact. WW2 was about money as all wars are.

  2. In 2014, the US was a net-importer of Natural Gas, and had one LNG export terminal: Portland, Oregon, facing Asia. With fracking, 12 new US LNG export terminals are built or have been approved, and America became the largest NG exporter in the World since January of this year. Russia has a 1,200 mile southern border with Ukraine, and most of their NG exports flow through Ukrainian pipelines: the $8b Nordstrom-2 pipeline was blocked at US insistence. We need the markets.
    P.S. Japan, Germany, France, UK, whatever. All of the top economies import 3ed class citizens from 3ed world countries to do their labor & trash “them” on the nightly news, keeping costs down.

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