9 thoughts on “Citizen Vids of Wuhan Virus Conflicting with FakeNews”

  1. I don’t know what to think about this video, Koji. It is disturbing on so many levels. I have medical professionals among my relatives who are involved in dealing with COVID-19 in the hospitals. They would say that this video gives a false impression of what is going on. Having noted this, They would also find the video highly objectionable.

    I do have a great deal of concern about the quality of reporting by our major news sources. They have played the political game for so long that when we need them we doubt the veracity of their reporting and the motives behind it. On a more personal level, stay safe my friend.

    1. I agree with your thoughts, sir. The point of conflict is as you point out are the actual sitreps in hospitals by location versus what is being shown in these citizen videos. It is something each viewer will conclude on his/her own… but it shouldn’t be like this if the news media would just simply report facts, not opinions.

      You stay safe too, sir, and Gid bless.

  2. If the drugs they are using to treat this are starting to work, then perhaps the panic is unwarranted. I hope against hope we will turn the corner.

    1. I am praying too. While US laws mostly prevent picture taking inside ER’s and the like, we do have pleas from our caregivers on the bedlam within a hospital. But these vids are just that. Videos of what we see outside hospitals.

      What I would REALLY like to know is how EACH hospital is doing NATIONWIDE. Certain metropolitan hospitals are normally inundated with victims of violence (like gunshots, stabbings or accidents). What happens to such victims? Are they routed elsewhere?

      I do believe we are in need for protective devices like masks and gowns; our President tells us that. But for whom? What grade? General purpose masks for us? I am not talking negative – I am just confused.

  3. I think a lot of the shootings and car accidents are not happening because people are stuck at home. The hospitals cleared out their elective procedures so you don’t have those people there, and they are pre-screening other illnesses so that your flu visits to the emergency room are not happening either. So we may be seeing the calm before the storm, or perhaps we have actually slowed the spread a little bit.

  4. In many places in Asia, every time someone is sick they wear a mask. If we don’t know who is sick because of asymptomatic cases, then everyone should wear a mask to protect others. It can be a simple as a bandana or a homemade cloth mask that can be washed–anything to keep your cough or sneeze to yourself to prevent droplets from being broadcast. At my job, N95 masks are issued if requested–we fly cargo and we go everywhere, even the worst hot spots. Those are effective at keeping you from being exposed to virus as long as you don’t touch them with dirty hands or take them on and off, and they must be well fitted. Most health care workers are reusing these–they must be clean, but the point was made if they are not exposed to anything for enough hours, any virus on them will die. I don’t know how long to wait exactly or if it would be smart to disinfect them. Hand washing and social distancing help–and be aware of what you touch. Commonly handled items like doorknobs have many germs, so wash your hands accordingly.

  5. There is no epiphany in realizing that whoever controls the content and flow of information also controls the people who receive it. The viral infection that everyone is talking about is simply the newest iteration of a concerted effort, which I believe is intentional, to destroy society’s confidence in our institutions, which collectively provide the framework within which we call ourselves “civilized.”

    We no longer have faith in our government; we no longer believe that our public schools are educating our children; we’ve given up attending church as an expression of our faith in God, and we no longer believe what we hear or see from the news (opinion) media. Thanks to secret courts, which violate our Fourth Amendment right to be secure in our persons and homes, and the fact that the application of law depends upon who you know or your own prominence within the political elite, we no longer trust the impartiality of blind justice … and then, since no one in Congress follows the law of the land, our Constitution, many of us believe that this august document is no longer relevant.

    The totality of this has a dangerously demoralizing impact on our society, on who we are as Americans. To me, it is very puzzling state of affairs, which is I suppose the entire purpose of destroying that upon which our nation was founded. May God help us find our way out of this swamp.

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