14 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. I lost so many friends over there. I can never forgive JFK. He announced that he had de-escalated the war on national TV just 8 hours after signing the papers to escalate it.

    1. Democratic presidents, it seems, do it worse than Republican ones… But while revere JFK for being a true war hero, it is hard to forgive him for reinstituting the food stamp program that was halted some twenty years earlier by FDR…

      1. What JFK did in the Navy was the only thing he ever did without Papa Joe’s help and influence, so I have to agree.

  2. All gave some; some gave all. We should never have been sent there if we weren’t prepared to win. American servicemen didn’t lose that war; Democrats in Congress did that.

  3. I had NO idea there even WAS a day set aside until I saw Ed B’s Facebook posts…. I wish more people had talked about this MORE.
    Thanks, Koji…that’s a very beautiful picture, too….and welcome back to GeeeeZ!!!

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