14 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. I lost so many friends over there. I can never forgive JFK. He announced that he had de-escalated the war on national TV just 8 hours after signing the papers to escalate it.

    1. Democratic presidents, it seems, do it worse than Republican ones… But while revere JFK for being a true war hero, it is hard to forgive him for reinstituting the food stamp program that was halted some twenty years earlier by FDR…

  2. All gave some; some gave all. We should never have been sent there if we weren’t prepared to win. American servicemen didn’t lose that war; Democrats in Congress did that.

  3. I had NO idea there even WAS a day set aside until I saw Ed B’s Facebook posts…. I wish more people had talked about this MORE.
    Thanks, Koji…that’s a very beautiful picture, too….and welcome back to GeeeeZ!!!

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