Uncalled for Hysteria

Straight talk.

I’m a senior citizen.

I have significant health issues.


I’ve caught a bazillion colds and flus. If I catch ANY flu NOW, my recovery will be long or even serious. That is life.

This god dang hysteria generated by media streams, unfounded social media posts and a certain political party (you pick) is only doing politicians good.

It is NOT doing America good. Not at all.

In fact, I call it PROPAGANDA. Remember this?

…and the hysteria and panic buying spurred by these freakin’ media outlets only serve to hurt the most needy – our elderly. These hoarding morons – healthy younger morons – even fought each other for toilet paper. They must be planning to blow their noses with it instead of wiping their a$$es.

Wake up, America.

I will shut up now.

ps Any comment criticizing our leadership – alluding to racism, perceived inaction or the like – will be ignored if not deleted. It will be deemed not factual.

3 thoughts on “Uncalled for Hysteria”

  1. I know people have been in a panic here – the store shelves are in very poor shape.
    Take precautions is all we can do, in my opinion.

    1. My two oldest kids are right smack dab in the middle of this fiasco: one is a doctor, the other is the regional director of laboratories for Kaiser. They are just as pissed off as me. It’s a scam – misinformation and deliberate at that. Fear mongering. It is like the media sponsored hatred during WWII. Yes, wash your hands like your mama told you decades ago. Not rocket science.

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