24 thoughts on “*hit!”

      1. Once as a teacher, I showed a documentary to my students. It was a science class at the elementary level. There was this scene of a hippopotamus in a pond. Lo and behold it did the same in the pond . My students were impressed but not as much as those kids who were there live…

    1. Thank you, gpcox!! I began reading it and will finish later but one passage intrigued me. Tojo wrote that politicians should not control military strategy and operations if they are to be successful. It relates to even today: you cannot have a “civilized” war and restrict our military – we are at the point of you can’t shoot unless you are ok’d by lawyers.

      Some interesting trivia: of course he wrote this but he writes to avoid embarrassment. He also alludes to having little to do with how things happened. He blames others but he himself was a leader.

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