Memorial Day

Amen… I loved the video.

Fix Bayonets!

Memorial Day

With a sober heart we pray

On this solemn Memorial Day

And recall those who gave their all

So that our Nation yet stands tall

So many wars and rivers of tears

Shed by mothers, fathers, and dears

They sacrificed their lives for us

As did our Lord … so long ago

Dear Lord, have mercy on those who serve

Love them, protect them, bring them home

Bless them Lord, and should they die

Take them home with you to abide.

For it is said, “ … no greater love than this

A man gives up his life for a friend.”

With this in mind, we must recall

Those who gave us … their all.

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8 thoughts on “Memorial Day”

  1. Mustang Koji…re my blog post and your input…I left the following comment to you but figured you may not come back since the post has changed so I’d come here!! .”…actually, reading about Yamamoto kind of brought a tear to my eye….that’s a very complicated, sad story…one which could have had a far better ending had people understood his viewpoints. THanks so m uch.” And I mean that.

  2. Koji, A fellow blogger, Cindy Bruchman, who I did some research for, for her new book would love to hear your insight into MISers. I wanted to give you a heads-up before giving her your p47koji address.

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