Fake News conspiracy

If you still believe Fake News is real news, take a look at the similarities between their story lines.

Unbelievable conspiracy against the President of the United States of America.

The only factual outlets are One America News, Epoch Times and Newsmax… plus several individual podcasts like Dan Bongino.

I would say it is treasonous activity exhibited by fake news.

Ballot “Irregularities” and Ruby Freeman

If you seek true news reports, you have seen this surveillance footage of Ruby Freeman and her daughter run the same batch of “ballots” through a Dominion tabulator… unsupervised.

By the way, the ballots came out of suitcases that were secreted away under a table setup by Ruby Freeman’s daughter.


You be the judge.

Regardless, Ruby will become enriched through donations from Hollywood or the like after leaning of her “efforts” to support Biden.

Whatever happened to Hunter Biden and his laptop??

Mail-in ballots, stimulus checks and a four year coup

Today is November 29, 2020.

I have been on social security for more than four years now. Hell, I’m on Medicare.

I am on direct deposit. The government even deducts my $135 or so for my Medicare premium each month.

And believe me, my income is miniscule.

Yet, I have not received my stimulus check yet. I have even inserted a screenshot below.

However, millions of mail-in ballots were haphazardly mailed to who knows who and at what address… and for this exercise, let us assume these ballots were not counterfeit, e.g., not Xeroxed nor printed in China.

It is lovely that the American right to cast a vote wasn’t as strictly controlled as IS my stimulus check.

And no, I am not calling the IRS. Are you crazy? 🙂

Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election | The White House

The official Executive Order put into place in 2018.

Liberal media will not publicize this or simply suppress it.

Very important and valid document.


Emotionally compromised liberal media

Read Kayleigh McEnany’s post…

That shows how sickening the liberal news outlets are.

With President Trump’s two female press secretaries (both wives and mothers), liberal media never recognized Sarah Huckabee-Sanders or Kayleigh in that light.

Instead, all biased “reporters” did (like CNN’s Acosta) was attack them emotionally.


True stories about World War II – One war. Two Countries. One Family

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