6 thoughts on “Walter Cronkite, Where Are You?”

  1. “And that’s the way it is. December 25th, 1967,” or whatever date it was. Yes, he was a reliable source of unbiased news. Never missed Walter Cronkite’s broadcast. It started out as a 15 minute program, then expanded to 30 minutes. I watched him breakdown trying to tell America John Kennedy was dead, and was as excited as he was about America’s race to put a man on the moon. The day he came out against the Vietnam ware was huge in my life and it prompted Lyndon Johnson not to run again. How could he run against Walter Cronkite’s opinion? That was how powerful the man’s influence was on public opinion!

    1. To a point, I would agree, Ed. Vietnam resonates with many of us. However, unlike Tom Brokaw, he did go to ‘Nam to observe. Surely not into the bush but he did go. But compared to Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow and the like, he was a much better journalist.

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