Upside Down Apple Pie from Scratch

To help my friend’s mother celebrate her 90th birthday tomorrow, my little Brooke and I threw together a homemade Upside Down Apple Pie from scratch…  Darned if it doesn’t smell GOOOOD…  Not bad for an old mechanic and a young lady, eh?  Recipe courtesy of my good bud, Cathy Thomas (

Now who knows how to keep little hands off the darn thing until tomorrow?

23 thoughts on “Upside Down Apple Pie from Scratch”

  1. That just looks very tasty! An old mechanic, eh? Did not know! I was a diesel/gas 4-stroke/2-stroke mech, H.E. & lite for a number of years – until I got tired of cussing the engineers and joined them to try to interject a little common sense into their designs.

    Tell your daughter “Job well done!” – and if it tastes half as good as it looks, it must’ve been heaven!

      1. Aye – first try – try again. It takes time to learn to cook well. But a good cook always eats their mistakes, LOL! One of the benefits of learning. Better luck next time – and here’s an old hint from a cooking school: add more sugar and a pinch of salt – to everything! LOL! Bad for you – but makes everything taste better.

        Good luck on your next try on Apple Pie – it still looks delicious!

  2. Tell Brooke it looks absolutely delicious which I’m sure it was! Love the pictures of the pie progression. Big brother looks pretty proud of his sister! 🙂

  3. Koji, I LOVE this post! And I love your “photo essay”–terrific series of shots. The pie looks absolutely delish. Your children are so beautiful–you got some fabulous shots–it’s pure delight to see their joy. I really admire your multi-faceted interests, your playful spirit and great sense of humour. Your food posts are always so yummy looking. :))

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