Little Miss Firecracker

My youngest one… but the biggest firecracker.

The biggest handful of all four of ’em…  Well, probably she’s tied with my oldest son.

Lil’ Miss “I Won’t Go to Bed”.

“Papa… Pleeeeeze?”

“Oops. I farted.”

“Papa, I wanna do it!  I wanna do it!”

As I look at photos of my two grandmothers of a century ago, I wonder if they were like her…

12 thoughts on “Little Miss Firecracker”

      1. I suspect her being a handful is good for you! I felt younger just watching those 2 short videos. Imagine that love and laughter in your life all of the time!

        I do think she looks like her Grandmother! Who of those ancestors is sh most like????

  1. Little Miss Firecracker appears to be so full of life! I’m sure she is one little busy bee. Good for her on learning how to do the splits. My daughter is currently trying to learn!

  2. I would say they were…after all they were little girls before they were grandmothers! 🙂

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