Fed Up…Again


I am really sick and doubly-sick about the presidential elections. People we elect should be trying to fix OUR country’s problems instead of going to actors’ homes to raise funds. With those funds, they might buy TV time to state mistruths of ANYTHING to better your view of them. The media takes ANY little miscue and blows things out of proportion  to increase their OWN revenues.  Where is Walter?

Yes. I am sick of this idiocy. I am happy old man Jack is not here to see what he fought for has turned into this farce.

OK… Off the soapbox

I voted.

19 thoughts on “Fed Up…Again”

    1. I certainly agree, Chatter Master. Good comment.

      This post was done from my little Samsung Galaxy S III while at a Subway. Turned out OK even if there was a misspell (Is that even a word?)… How’s that for an old man?

      1. That’s pretty good Mustang.Koji, pretty good indeed. I don’t even attempt such posts from my phone. I am impressed. More impressed than I am with the candidates/money being spent/craziness.

      2. Haha! If only I were that quick witted. No, you are not old, I am impressed with just about anyone who can use their phone for so many things. Remember when we used to “dial” them? 🙂

  1. We are doomed as a democracy if we continue to allow these things to continue:

    Unlimited term, career politicians that all amazingly become wealthy while in office

    Politicians able to accept any money, gifts from contributors, PAC’s, etc.

    Politicians receiving lifetime benefits. Once your term is over, go back home to your day job.

    1. Touche, Kevin!! It is sad that – what is it? – 550 of these “people” put their pocketbooks ahead of US? Whatever happened to public servant… of which we truly only have one: our military.

  2. You hit the proverbial nail on the head, Koji. Hundreds of millions are spent on soundbites that say little, or worse, stretch the truth to the point of lying. We can thank the media, politicians… and unfortunately, ourselves, for not demanding more of our leaders.

    1. We, too, are to blame as to say, sir… However, the media and lawyers have become all too powerful. There is no way for us citizens to regulate them. While we are to blame, I blame the two groups the most for the sad state we are in.

      1. Agreed on that one, too! Here in California, such unscrupulous and greedy business giants (or giant wanna-bes) have flooded the Proposition board with confusing and misleading ads… in hopes of padding their pockets some more.

  3. It’s the worst election with the worst choices I’ve ever seen in my fifty some odd years. I still can’t decide which hell I want to vote for – the one run by the Republicans (aka rich folk) or the one by the herd (Democratic) which is leading us down a path of financial ruin. If I made more than 250K I’d vote for Romney (the trickle down theory worked for him) – but on the other hand, Obama’s gonna run this country in the dirt.

    Two-faced liars, every one of them (sighing) – worst election in the world? I think not – but definitely some hooligans playing some shinagins – and our lives are on the line.

    still undecided, BTW – and at this late date and time. I’m thinking of voting for a write-in candidate. Mickey Mouse comes to mind. :/

  4. Well put, jeffssong… While it is hard for me to agree your “aka rich folk” applies as a descriptive term for Republicans, socialism has no place here in the United States of America.

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