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At the time of his surrender to American authorities in 1886, the Apache warrior Geronimo was perhaps the most hated man in the United States.

The infamous war chief was condemned by The New York Times as being the worst kind of savage. And according to one U.S. official, Geronimo was the “greatest mass murderer in American history”. [1] These claims were not without merit.

During his decades-long insurgency, which was fought first against Mexican settlers and later Americans, the notorious Geronimo and his followers laid waste to entire towns while butchering (and I mean butchering) hundreds, perhaps thousands, of civilians and soldiers alike. Eventually, up to a quarter of the American army would be deployed to the southwestern United States to take part in his capture.

According to an article published this week on the news site The Daily Beast by noted historian Marc Wortman, 19th

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  1. Koji, You might also be interested in Kintpuash aka “Captain Jack” of the Modoc Tribe. Last week was the 140th anniversary of the beginning the Modoc War, the last Indian War in Oregon & California. In the end Kintpuash, and three of his warriors, were beheaded by the US Army and their heads were sent to museums. I find that kind of Taliban’ish or al-Qaeda’ish. What else you might find interesting, if you don’t all ready know, is that this all happened at or near Tule Lake. Where just 70 years later another war would make it a site of another tragedy, and personal to you.

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