A most touching Christmas gift for a decorated WWII 10th Mountain Division soldier. You will receive the most wonderful Christmas present in return if you read this.

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Husband and I left early. Our car loaded with gifts and food. On our way to his house I said “I bet you he says to wait and he will go upstairs and get his uniform”. The same uniform he has had for decades. The one he has earned the honor to wear. The uniform he treats with respect and care. I expected him to share it with us. Every time I took someone new to see him he would show it to the new person. Like he did with me on my first visit with him and his wife.

In the seat behind me was a stack of special gifts from around the world. Words of thanks and comfort, and well wishes for one of the men who stood between us and hell during World War II.

When I spoke with  him yesterday to arrange my visit he said…

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10 thoughts on “”

      1. Sir?

        I do my best with the English language.

        I guess it must be in my genes. My grandfather lived in the U.S. from 1889 to 1907. That must be the explanation.

        It just comes out naturally.


        Are you eagerly looking forward to December 31st?

      2. It is a gift to speak at least two languages, yes?!

        As for New Years Eve, no, not particularly. Age has crept up on me! I am just going to sit in my garage and enjoy a cigar. 😉

    1. What is funny is that I took a total of (I believe) six YEARS of French – two years in high school and an equivalent of four years in college – and don’t remember a darn thing!

      1. Your genes should remember something after 6 years of French…
        Tes gènes devraient se souvenir de quelque chose après 6 années de français…

        As for December 31st,,, that was pun intended…

        Remember I am going to write about you on my blog Our Ancestors.

        You will become as famous as Emeril Lagasse, the famous chef or cook, depending on how you look at him.

        How about that for anticipation…

        You should smell what I am cooking.

      2. Sometimes I think I am Santa Claus… (pun intended).

        I am currently translating a book about baby purées from English to French.
        That’s not a joke.
        Sometimes I have to take a break and let my brains simmer down a little. So I look at my e-mails.

  1. I am speechless … and of course tearing up. Thank you Koji for reblogging “Yes Sir, the World Remembers You, And Thanks You.” Thank you Chatter Master for honoring a very special Veteran and all our Veterans.

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