Johnny Carson’s Best Practical Joke

Yes, I was a fan of Johnny Carson.  Although I could never really watch his shows as they aired so late at night…

But he was a great practical joker.  And this is my absolute favorite.  Always fun to watch – and listen to – again.

Put aside the joke was played on Joan Rivers.  But then again, she is what makes the joke so precious…and this was before she became the Queen of Plastic.

The last few seconds alone are worth the view!

32 thoughts on “Johnny Carson’s Best Practical Joke”

    1. Thanks for the visit! I’m sure you love his “Copper Clapper Caper” with Johnny as well. Once in a while, it pops up on youtube but its taken down immediately. Fortunately, I have Johnny’s DVD set! 🙂

  1. In light of all the history between Johnny Carson and Joan Rivers, with her recent passing, that they never got back into communication, this was so wonderful to see and hilarious. I wish they could have recaptured their friendship before he died. Thanks for posting this. The ending was so funny.

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