An unbelievably well written masterpiece on our country and her present condition… I hope you will read it…and you will if you love America.

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Our Once Great Country.

How many times have we thought this?  Heard this?  Or said it ourselves?   Out of frustration at the drug problems, the equality issues, the political ridiculousness.    Have we muttered it under our breaths because of the arguments over having guns or having gun controls.  Do we roll our eyes at the incomprehensible debt.  Are we dropping our heads in acceptance and shame at the decline of our country?

Our Once Great Country is still our country.  It’s greatness is not defined by it’s borders.  Or it’s politicians.  It’s military might.   It’s medical plan.

Our Once Great Country is defined by you.  And me.  Our children.  Their children.  My parents.  Their parents.

Our Once Great Country is only as great as those of us who stand on it’s soil and represent it’s Greatness.

And among our greatness is our greatest weakness.  Our greatest threat.  Our…

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