What I Believe

Beautiful words… on beliefs and religion…

Irish Katie

I wrote out several blog titles prior to choosing the three-word title you see above.  A few sounded corny, some awkward, and a couple others seemed too … confrontational.  And the last thing I wanted was to wade into controversial waters.  So I thought the simple title of ‘What I Believe’ would do.  Enough to make some go ‘huh?’  But hopefully not too much to make others go ‘ugh.’

However, I know by bringing up the topic of belief, of faith, I risk offending when I wish not to offend.  And I risk arguments where I wish only to explain my own personal feelings.  For I cannot speak to my own belief system without at times referencing, whether explicitly, or by implication, other systems of faith.

I have toyed with the idea of listing some rules of courtesy and what I will and will not tolerate with regards to comments. …

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