Another Trial or Two

I thought this wonderfully written blog offers a lot of thought and reflection on ourselves.

Shootin' the Breeze

The man on the bottom, whose head had been slammed into the concrete sidewalk, whose nose was broken by the fists of the man on top, had no gun.  The man on top continued the assault.  He continued it after the man on the bottom lost consciousness.  He continued it and the man on the bottom sustained brain damage.  The man on the bottom died.

At the trial, the man on the top, seen by eyewitnesses, would be convicted of murder or, if you prefer, depending on intent and other factors, manslaughter.  Would that be expected?  Would that be fair, provided the evidence was presented at trial?  Use your imagination.

Or, imagine the man on the bottom did not die, but just had the head injuries described and no brain damage, just the unfortunate victim of assault.  It probably happens every day somewhere.

Does it matter if the man on…

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2 thoughts on “Another Trial or Two”

  1. Every trial seems to boil down to pulling a race card. Good re-blog, the man makes a lot of sense – just wish we could it thru to the people using the verdict as a reason to riot and make a pest out of themselves. The jury heard all of the evidence and after talking it out and learning the laws that apply, they made a decision – leave it at that.

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