Another Prison Camp Discovered

Not to bore anyone but a few of you readees may recall my dad abd older siblings were in essentially peison camps during WWII just for looking like the enemy.

Well, researchers found another prison almost forgotten due to obscurity. This prison camp was not far from Spokane.

While the prisoners were paid up ti $60 a month, they did build many mikes of road.

History is what we make of it.

But blogs like ours are sure better than the misguided media.

8 thoughts on “Another Prison Camp Discovered”

  1. How interesting that many of the locals didn’t even know of the camp’s existence. It is a shameful piece of American history, but it’s so important that the memory of these camps not be erased. I can only imagine what it is like to have had one’s family disrupted during the war years, and under such shockingly insensitive circumstances. I am going to place a google alert on the Kooskia Internment Camp so that I can follow the progress of the archaeological dig. Thank you for the information, Koji.

  2. There are lots of things that get lost in the woods around Spokane. Prison camps, Sasquatch, and me (for a few hours anyway).

    Ten minutes out side of the city, is about the same a thousand years ago.

    On a serious note, you are right to keep reminding us about the past of our country. It is shameful what happened in the name of protection, security, and safety. Freedom isn’t free and if we forget the past it costs more from some.

  3. Media – all too often – does more harm than good. (But then again – no matter what the question, the answer is money – and the media is in the business to make lots of that.)

    1. Yes, isn’t it amazing that behemoth companies like GM can go under but the news keep slogging along? We need a “disaster on the media”, perhaps… Kinda like a “Water-news”. 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing this post, Koji. The mistakes of the past will keep being made until they are known, the reasons they occurred are understood, and conditions for same are never repeated.

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