A Romantic Dinner at the Diner

I was laughing so hard! For a lawyer, he is hilarious and witty… Did I just write that??? 🙂

Shootin' the Breeze

My wife, Sugar, and I entered the old-fashioned 24-hour truck stop greasy spoon diner eager for a good old-fashioned dinner.

As is the case in many of the elite restaurants, the overhead television was on a channel showing a program about life in prison.  One of the patrons inquired about changing the station, but our server objected.  She explained that this week’s prison show features the Canon City prison in Colorado, which is where her fiance is residing.  She was hoping to catch a glimpse of him.  And, let us all agree, the television debut of a loved one is exciting indeed.

Before I could empathize with this young waitress by telling her that my own former fiance/now wife appeared on the TV show Dallas in her younger years (and likely get kicked under the table by sweet Sugar), our waitress provided more unsolicited information about her personal life.  She…

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