For A Brother’s Sake

A moving and well written tribute to hope and positives.

The Chatter Blog

On the other side of the computer from you, I sit.

And I choose what to write about and send out in to this unending sphere of words.  I prefer to write about every day events.  The little things I want to focus on.  The little things I don’t want to let escape.  The positive things I want to recycle.  And some things that are bigger than others.

I’m very aware that life is full of variables.  Not everything feels good.

Not everything is positive.

But everything is something I want to learn from.  And experience – fully.

It’s been difficult to focus on words recently.  Because here, on this side of the computer, I am exhausted.

Life does that sometimes.  It takes every thing you have and demands even more from you.

On this side of the computer life is emotional.   I have spent over two weeks watching…

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